We face the Ghosts when the others will not

Harry Spangler here. As one of the founding members of the Ghostfacers, I am here to inform you that all of your worst nightmares are real. Well, maybe not all of them, probably not the one where you're naked in front of the class. Or you make an idiot of yourself in front of your best friend's sister. Anyway the truth is out there. But fear not, the Ghostfacers are out to face them, when others will not.

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NOTE: Anything set post Thin Man may or may not consider that episode canon. And if it does Harry and Ed are back together/working on getting back together

M!A: none


Harry ran down the alleyway to lose them. This was the second time this month their investigation had been infiltrated by the cops. If he didn’t know any better he might’ve thought the Winchesters were in town and were trying to cause them trouble. He slowed to a walk, and thought about how he should probably text Ed. He was getting his phone out when he turned the corner onto the normal sidewalk and ran into somebody, both of them toppling to the ground. “Oh my God, I’m so sorry, are you okay?”

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